• Level Cap Increased to 70

  • Dungeons: Normal Mode

  • All Outdoor PvP Events

  • Hybrid-Risk System

  • Arenas

    • High Risk
    • No Risk


Heroic Dungeons

High-Risk Event #1

A high-risk battle for epic rewards: Crow’s Cache spawns a huge treasure chest at key locations in the world for Heroes to loot! Team up with friends, bring your guild, or try to steal it solo–but be prepared to fight to the death.

  • Capture the Chest

  • Announces Spawn to All Players

  • Location Appears on Map

High – Risk Event #1

Arena Pre-Season


Flex raiding allows raid content to scale difficulty automatically depending on how many Heroes are in a raid—between 10 and 25 players. That means if your guild only has 11, 14, or 23 other people ready to raid, they’ll all be able to participate, and enemies will scale dynamically. This difficulty scaling will bottom out at 10 players, so be sure to bring at least 10!

All Raids will Feature:

  • Flex Raiding: 10-25 Man

  • Heroic: 10 Man

  • Heroic: 25 Man


Flex: 9/19/2020

Part 2: 9/26/2020


Enter the tower of the Guardian.

Discover the secrets of Medivh’s ancient tower and dismantle the sinister workings of the Legion within.

  • Tier 4: Headpiece

  • Tier 4: Gloves

Arena Season 1



Compete against your fellow Heroes in the ultimate display of skill: Arena Seasons allow you to put your champion to the test. Your skills, your gear, and your builds will be tested, so bring everything you’ve got if you hope to survive. Compete to enter the Hall of Legends, become immortalized, and claim victory over your peers. Win titles, mounts, and epic gear.

  • Rated 1v1

  • Rated 2v2

  • Rated 3v3

  • Win Mounts, Titles, and Gear

  • Compete to Enter the Hall of Legends

High-Risk Event #2


High-Risk Event #2

In the ruins of Auchindoun, the Shadow Council festers in the subterranean crypts. Having summoned a terrible ancient in the Shadow Labyrinth, the Council has now taken over all of this once holy site. Their members patrol the blighted ground in swarms, ensuring their machinations do not go uninterrupted.

Your task is to interrupt them. Slay anyone who gets in your way.

  • Auchindoun has been overrun by the Shadow Council

  • Capture Spirit Towers to gain Power

  • Use it to slay members of the Council and gain rewards

Magtheridon’s Lair



Magtheridon, great pitlord of the Burning Legion, once reigned over all of Outland. Yet when the Betrayer appeared with his elven and naga allies and conquered the Black Temple, Magtheridon was defeated and nearly slain.

When Illidan discovered that Magtheridon’s blood had a corrupting effect on orcs, the beaten pit lord was dragged to Hellfire Citadel. Bound in arcane chains, Magtheridon survives below the citadel at the brink of death. There the orcs drain his tainted blood, pooling it for a purpose as malevolent as Magtheridon himself: the creation of a new army of fel orcs.

  • Tier 4: Chestpiece

High-Risk Event #3

Hemet Nesingwary, greatest hunter in Azeroth and Outland, is on the prowl for able adventurers. He’s got a new ‘big game’ hunt on his hands, and he needs your help to do it. Rove through Nagrand slaying the game on his list, and Nesingwary will reward you!

He seems to have hired a lot of adventurers though. Makes you wonder what prey he really wants you to slay…

  • Hunt down the biggest game in Nagrand!

  • Slay the creatures Hemet requests

  • Another Hero moving in on your quarry? Kill ’em.

High-Risk Event #3


Gruul’s Lair



When the infamous Dragon Aspect, Deathwing, discovered the Dark Portal and Draenor, he left his eggs under meager guardianship in the Blade’s Edge Mountains. To his folly. The dragons were torn from the sky by the gronn living in the pass. Their leader impaled the wyrms he fought on the stone spires of the mountains. Now, Gruul the Dragonkiller is worshiped as a deity by the ogres of Blade’s Edge Mountains. His powerful sons ravage both the spires of their home and the plains of Nagrand.

  • Tier 4: Legs

  • Tier 4: Shoulders

Doomlord Kazzak

Heroic: Karazhan


World Boss #1

Destroy the general of the Legion.

Challenge Doomlord Kazzak atop the Throne of Kil’jaeden. Slay him and reap incredible rewards.

High-Risk Event #4

Ancient pearls line the bed of Serpent Lake, humming with whispers of colossal power. The Naga of Coilfang Reservoir greedily seek out these pearls to use in their Lady’s schemes: you must get to them first. Collect these powerful pearls, and slay any enemy that stands in your way. And if they happen to have a pearl or two, take those, too.

  • Capture Powerful Pearls

  • Turn them in to a naga traitor deep within Coilfang Reservoir

  • Protect your allies carrying the pearls from other Heroes

Heroic: Gruul’s Lair


High-Risk Event #4

High-Risk Event #5

Heroic: Magtheredon’s Lair


High-Risk Event #5

Manaforges are siphoning arcane power from the surroundings of Netherstorm! Kael’thas cannot be permitted to harvest more. Sneak into the Forges and steal as many Arcane Charges as you can, and deliver them to Stormspire. Whatever happens, don’t let your enemies steal the charges from you.

  • Obtain Arcane Charges

  • Deliver them safely to Stormspire

  • Steal Charges from Enemies


Whoever controls the water controls Outland.

Serpentshrine Cavern is home to the Coilfang Naga and their leader, Lady Vashj. At home within the waters of the Serpent Lake, the naga constructed a great series of pumps and pipes to suck Zangarmarsh dry of its most precious resource. Coilfang Reservoir now siphons water from the surrounding lake, with Vashj herself overseeing its operation.

  • Tier 5: Headpiece

  • Tier 5: Gloves

  • Tier 5: Legs

Serpentshrine Cavern

Heroic: Serpentshrine Cavern

Tempest Keep

Heroic: Tempest Keep

Arena Season 2


Created by the enigmatic Naaru, Tempest Keep was once a fortress capable of traveling between dimensions. Now it rests within the hands of Kael’thas Sunstrider, prince of the Blood Elves. Guided by some unknown purpose, Kael’thas manipulates the keep’s otherworldly technologies, using them to harness the arcane energies of Netherstorm. Under the guise of using this magic as food for his starving, addicted people, the Prince may have more sinister motives for amassing such power…

  • Tier 5: Chestpiece

  • Tier 5: Shoulders


Heroic: Zul’aman


Seething with hatred against his ancient enemies in the Alliance, and spiteful towards his former allies among the Horde, the lord of the Amani Trolls, Zul’jin, has rallied an army of trolls and sealed power from the Loa gods within the strongest warriors of his tribe. Now he threatens to unleash his might upon Azeroth, and reclaim all lands for the trolls. Left unchecked, the Amani will reclaim their lands and savor a merciless retribution.


Four years ago, at the summit of Mount Hyjal, the demon lord Archimonde met his end. The feat required the combined might of the Horde, Alliance, and Night Elves to accomplish, and even then victory came at a terrible cost. Through the power of the Caverns of Time, you and your allies can return to this world-shattering event. Aid the leaders of each faction, take down Archimonde, and play a part in the salvation of your world.

  • Tier 6: Gloves

  • Tier 6: Headpiece

Hyjal Summit

Heroic: Hyjal Summit


World Boss #2

Annihilate the Doomwalker!

Destroy the mechanical nightmare and stop its assault on Black Temple: that’s your loot!

The Black Temple

Heroic: Black Temple

Arena Season 3


Before the shattering of Draenor, the Black Temple was known as the Temple of Karabor: a sacred draenei holy site which served as the refuge of the Prophet Velen. Since the destruction of the planet, however, it has come to be the home of many a foul master. Today it is home to the Betrayer, Illidan Stormrage. Thought to have descended into madness from his failure to destroy Prince Arthas, the power-hungry Night Elf now lives in fear of his burning master, Kil’jaden

  • Tier 6: Shoulders

  • Tier 6: Legs

  • Tier 6: Chestpiece

The Isle of Quel’danas

Magister’s Terrace


A small island north of the blood elf capital of Silvermoon City, the isle of Quel’danas once housed the Sunwell: a powerful font of magic similar to the Well of Eternity. Under the command of the death knight Arthas Menethil, the undead Scourge tore a path of destruction through the island, reaching the Sunwell and using its energies to revive the lich Kel’thuzad.

Broken and infested, Quel’danas now swarms with demons and undead alike, and a hidden enemy stirs within the heart of the broken Sunwell.

  • All Daily Quests

  • Magister’s Terrace: Normal

  • Magister’s Terrace: Heroic


Nearly seven thousand years ago, the Highborne were exiled from Kalimdor for their refusal to relinquish Arcane Magic. The elves journeyed to the Eastern Kingdoms where they founded Quel’Thalas. Using water stolen from the Well of Eternity, they created the Sunwell to fuel their magic. Now the remnants of this ancient fountain have become the Burning Legion’s latest target…

  • Tier 6: Bracers

  • Tier 6: Boots

  • Tier 6: Belt

Sunwell Plateau

Heroic: Sunwell Plateau

Arena Season 4