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Build as you Level

Every level grants you access to more spells and skills. Adventure through Azeroth and forge your legacy!

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Dungeons, Raids, Battlegrounds, and Arenas for every skill level: whether you want normal or Mythic+ dungeons, Flex or Ascended Raids, there’s a playstyle for everyone.

High Risk PvP

Slay Heroes in World PvP and loot a piece of their gear. Find Dungeon and Raid loot in the Open World!

No Risk PvP

Fight your enemies, never lose gear: a classic PvP style, but on the same realm as everyone!

No Risk PvE

Classic PvE style: other players will never be able to attack you, but you can still group with them. Adventure!

Thousands of active players and cross-faction grouping means you can always find new friends and adventure together!

Opt-in High Risk PvP

Enter High Risk PvP: an instanced version of the Open World where you can find raid loot on monsters! But be careful: dying in PvP combat means losing a piece of your equipped gear. 

Download Ascension

Challenge yourself in PvE against the strongest bosses of Azeroth!

Rise through the ranks.

Dive into Dungeons and Raids at the difficulty that’s right for you. Ascend through the ranks to reach the pinnacle of challenge! No matter what your skill level, Heroes looking to PvE can find the difficulty that’s right for them: those seeking a true test of skill can dive into custom Classic Mythic+ dungeons and Ascended difficulty raids to face custom mechanics and new dangers.

Download Ascension

Conquer your Enemies in EPIC PvP

Prove your dominance.

Prove yourself in Battlegrounds, Arenas, World PvP Events, and more as you embark into Classless PvP! Become wild class combinations like two-handed rogues, shadow druids, light mages, and more.  Fight with friends in Battlegrounds, or challenge yourself in 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 Arenas. World PvP Events like Crow’s Cache and the Gurubashi Blood Bowl let you fight in the open world!

Download Ascension

Seasonal Realms offer a unique twist for Heroes looking for something new. Get all your skills randomly with Wildcard Mode, or draft one skill each level with Draft Mode.

Download Ascension

(1) Download the Launcher

Download the Launcher from the Official Website

Download Ascension

(2) Make an Account

Create an account. Be sure to use a NEW username and password!

(3) Start your Adventure!

Log in, meet new Heroes, and start your journey!

Mystic Enchantments attach to gear, and can dynamically change the way you play. Use them to empower your favorite spells, and use Legendary Enchantments to unlock incredible cross-class playstyles like holy inquisitors, stealthy rangers, and shadow mages.

Look how you Want

A Complete, Custom Transmog System

Transmog any piece of equipment into any other piece of equipment. Want to wear cloth but look plate? No problem. Wish you were Titan’s Gripping brooms instead of swords? Do it.

Download Ascension

Challenge Modes

Normal leveling not enough for you? Face down Azeroth with custom Challenge Modes designed to test your skill.

Ironman Mode

A single life challenge: die, and it’s all over.


x1 EXP rates for the stalwart adventurer.


Take 500% more damage: good luck.

Join the Discord

Join the community, ask questions, and make friends.

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Watch the Starter Guide

Everything you need to know to get started on Ascension.

Watch Video


YouTube tutorials for major aspects of the game, and a Wiki for everything else.

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Download Ascension, free.

Free-to-play, and always will be.

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