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Venture into the depths with both Flex Raiding and 10/25 man HEROIC Raids!

Choose spells and talents from any class.

Play Free for Windows

Adventure through Outland as your own custom Hero. Live the legend, forge your legacy!


This impenetrable bastion once served as the base of operations for the orcish Horde. Now the Fel Orcs inside drain the blood of the pit lord Magtheridon to fuel their unstoppable army.

Created by the Coilfang Naga, this terrible underground reservoir seeks to control all water in Outland. Lady Vashj must be stopped.

For thousands of years the draenei have interred their dead in Auchindoun. Now the crypts are overrun by agents of the Shadow Council, who have summoned a terrible evil.

The base of operations for Kael’thas Sunstrider and his rogue Blood Elves, they seek to harvest the energy of Netherstorm to sate their growing mana addiction.


MYTHIC Difficulty comes to Outland! Challenge your favorite Dungeons with terrifying new keystones and reap the rewards. Put your custom Hero to the ultimate test.


The thrill of Open World combat calls. Roam Outland helping friends and dominating foes. Show your Hero’s strength in No-Risk or High-Risk: play how you want.


  • PvP Hotspots

  • Open World Bosses and Events

  • Rewards for playing in the High Risk Open World

  • No Flying in High-Risk: Use Demonic Gateways to reach special areas

  • New World Events

  • Switch between No-Risk and High-Risk any time

Jump into a fresh realm and experience Ascension from the beginning. Seasonal Realms offer Heroes a chance to start on a level playing field.

Enhance your weapons and armor with incredible enchantments that change the way your spells and abilities function. Mystic Enchantments allow you to specialize your build, improving the spells you use most often and granting you unimaginable power!

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Over 1000 New [Mystic Enchantments] to choose from in TBC!

Change the way you play the game with hundreds of Mystic Enchantments. These won’t just be small stat boosts, they change your entire playstyle. Strap on your Theorycrafting hats; you’re gonna’ need ’em.

Getting Started

What do I need to play Ascension?

Ascension is a custom World of Warcraft private server. It’s free to play, and always will be: follow these steps to get started

1) Get the Launcher

Grab the Ascension launcher and smash that install button.

Download Launcher

2) Make an Account

Create an account through the Launcher

Pro-tip: don’t use the same username and password as other games!

3) Play the Game

Start your adventure, and jump in with thousands of friends!

Your next adventure awaits.

Cosmetics, Mounts, Convenience

NEVER power

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