Summon hordes of undead and use chilling Frost spells to overwhelm your enemies.

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Potions, totems, hexes, and curses make the Witch Doctor the ultimate enfeebler, able to summon dinosaurs and hinder foes with crippling voodoo magic.

Tinkers use bombs, remote mines, turrets, mechano-spiders, and more to build up a defense and eliminate threats.

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Reapers are shadowy wraiths possessed by the spirits of the weapons they wield, wandering through shadows and harvesting souls to cast sinister spells.

Guardians are valiant warriors capable of taking huge amounts of physical damage, changing fighting styles at any time by swapping weapons.

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Chronomancers are masters of time and space, teleporting, shifting, and even stopping time to have space to cast powerful spells.



Witch Hunter

Demon Hunter



Knight of Xoroth


Sun Cleric




Disciple of Shadra


Son of Arugal

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What is Conquest of Azeroth?

  • Conquest of Azeroth is a completely new experience from Ascension WoW. 21 original classes, built from the lore of Warcraft, bring you back to the world you know and love to experience it in a brand new way. Conquer your favorite Dungeons, Raids, Battlegrounds, Arenas, and more while exploring beloved expansions in a brand new way: through the lens of your new Hero.

How can I Play?

  • Conquest of Azeroth is currently in Closed Alpha! If you’d like to join the project and help fund development, you can grab the CoA Bundle. To do so, you’ll need both an Ascension Account (create one on the official website), and a character on the live Classless realms! Once you do, you’ll be able to grab the Conquest of Azeroth Travel Guide off of either the donation store or the in-game auction house for gold! All donations go to CoA development. Keep in mind that you can also play Ascension: Classless WoW completely for free.

Is it Free to Play?

  • Conquest of Azeroth will be entirely free-to-play once it launches. At this time, the Alpha is closed to everyone except Alpha Testers. You can get the Alpha by:

(1) Supporting CoA development through the Alpha Bundle

(2) Grabbing the [Conquest of Azeroth Travel Guide] for gold off the in-game Auction House on Ascension: Classless Realms.

(3) Signing up for the Newsletter for a chance at an invitation

Is CoA Blizz-like?

  • CoA features a fully-scripted, polished Classic world. From quests to NPC interactions, you can expect a familiar, exceptional quality adventure. The goal of the realm is to allow Heroes to re-live their adventures in Azeroth with new classes.

What Features will it Have?

  • Conquest of Azeroth will feature many of the same custom features as Ascension: Classless WoW, including the Hybrid Risk System, High Risk, Mythic0 and Mythic+ Vanilla Dungeons and beyond, continuing expansions, and tons of others!

What is Currently Available on the CoA Alpha?

  • Currently, the Alpha allows Heroes to progress to level 30 and test out the base kit of all 21 classes. Battlegrounds, dungeons, guilds, World PvP, and Vanilla Azeroth are all available to conquer and explore. The level cap will be expanded incrementally as the alpha progresses.

How long does my access last?

  • Heroes who opt into the Alpha will have access to all testing phases through the full release!
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