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Build your own class. Choose your favorite spells and talents. Forge your unique Hero. Empower your spells, tackle dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, and more. World of Warcraft has never been so free.

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Forge your Hero

Mix spells, skills, and abilities from any class in the game to create a Hero that’s uniquely yours. Choose the spells you want, create powerful combinations, and build your champion.

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Only for Windows PC

Classless Character Builder

Loot Drop on Death

Slay heroes, snatch their gear.

Slay other players in High Risk World PvP. If you do, you’ll steal away a piece of their equipped gear and a few items from their inventory.

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Loot Drop on Death

Slay other players in High Risk World PvP. Steal away their equipped gear and a few items from their inventory.

Find Raid Gear

Find dungeon and raid loot from your favorite bosses off of high level monsters.

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Free-For-All PvP

Protect the innocent, or slay them: become a Protector or Outlaw with the Karma System

Empower your Equipment

Mystic Enchantments allow you to enhance your gear with additional talent effects. Empower spells you love to deal more damage, apply additional effects, or even change them completely.

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Getting Started

What do I need to play Ascension?

Ascension is a custom World of Warcraft private server. It’s free to play, and always will be: follow these steps to get started

Get the Launcher

Grab the Ascension launcher and smash that install button.

Download Launcher

Create an Account

Create an account through the Launcher

Pro-tip: don’t use the same username and password as other games!

Play the Game

Andorhal: No Risk

Laughing Skull: High Risk

Seasonal Realm – Bleeding Hollow: Spelldraft

Need a Quick Briefing?

Check out this quick-guide to get you up and running on Classless WoW. For even more info, check out Ascension’s YouTube page for video tutorials, guides, and features videos. Be prepared!

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More to Discover

Join thousands of players on the journey of a lifetime.

From challenging ways to level to Free-for-All PvP and Loot Drop on Death, the dangers of Azeroth are everywhere. Test your grit with a single life Ironman Hero, or challenge yourself to a more chaotic leveling experience with Spelldraft Mode: the ways to play are endless.

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