World of Warcraft


Build your own class. Choose your favorite spells and talents. Forge your unique Hero. Empower your spells, tackle dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, and more. World of Warcraft has never been so free.

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Forge your Hero: No Limits

Choose each and every spell. Assign talents, and enhance your skills with Mystic Enchantments. Create your Hero from the ground up and shape them into a champion of Azeroth: under your command.

Forge your Hero

Mix spells, skills, and abilities from any class in the game to create a Hero that’s uniquely yours. Choose the spells you want, create powerful combinations, and build your champion.

Assign your Talents

Mix and match talents from any class, from any tree: no limitations. Enhance your favorite spells, unlock new abilities, or strengthen your Hero themselves.

Empower your Gear

Empower your favorite spells with magical enchantments–powerful bonuses that you can attach to gear. Each enchantment grants bonuses to the spells you love, or alters their effects completely.

Become a Legend

Choose your spells, mix and match your talents, enhance your gear, and conquer the world of Azeroth. As your Hero grows in power, so too will their ability to influence the world around them. Make friends, conquer enemies, and become a Legend.

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From new challenging ways to level to Free-for-All PvP and Loot Drop on Death, the dangers of Azeroth are everywhere. Test your grit with a single life Ironman Hero, or challenge yourself to a more chaotic leveling experience with Spelldraft Mode: the ways to play are endless.

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